Talent And Genuine Desire Of The Heart

After wasting time on some random internet quizzes that by no means revealed me the slightest sense of what exact talent is awaiting for me to discover it, I sat down and, started typing hoping to shed some light on my unorganized thoughts. One can say such action of putting mind back to work after browsing the internet could be observed as a talent. I say, let's keep digging. It is a question that bothered me time after time since the day I overheard my music teacher saying to my mama that while my sister had a natural inclination, talent if you will, I, contrarily had all perseverance in the world. Not at all confused or offended, I, however, started wondering where does a talent start as a natural ability, and where would it end without hard work and sacrifice. Also, another bothersome issue followed the first one: could two people, one with natural ability and another one with a burning desire and constant striving to achieve the same level of success?


One of my favourite Russian authors, Anton Chekhov, had a brother, a quite talented artist whose natural inclinations were towards alcohol rather than the hard work of painting. Despite convincing attempts of the family to return the lost son to the right way, he ended up in a very deplorable condition. Now, every time I read one of Anton Chekhov’s letters to his brother, I can not help but repeat along with him that owning talent only does not bring prosperity. Same as having continuous luck wouldn't mean its ending without perseverance and commitment to the craft. The whole idea of talents is overrated if it is not supported by certain continuous actions that allow healthy growth.


Talent is innate. I suppose there are no arguments against it. Nevertheless, what comes out of a given ability to do something so natural that sometimes it withdraws envy from those who witness such display, requires over years of development. As a person grows, his natural ability in a certain field should stretch and grow along-logical expectations of a process. Just like my sister, who stopped playing the violin a long time ago-she has many other talents that she is actively using-talent stopped its natural flow and development. It is a mere rule of growth. I do not say that if she would keep practicing, would use that natural ability to evolve, her endeavours would have to achieve the highest points allowed. Rather, I try to say that if one stops, he can no longer expect that talent would do all performance without the actions of the one who owns it.


Now, to perseverance and natural ability. Some, deeper than a flick of a moment, feeling drives up to my desire and guides my actions to do certain things. I still would not allow myself to call it 'a talent', yet I want to believe it is for one reason. I am convinced that a human can achieve a lot under correct guidance, inner desire, motivation, constant actions. Yet, I have also seen people with genuine talents that walked the same path with more ease and in less time. Thus, while for a former one it could take twice as long compared to the steps and attempts of the latter one, at the end of the day, they shall end up at the same spot. Does that mean that talent makes it easier? Indeed, it does. Does that mean that if one has only a burning desire of the heart and will to work severely he will not become the same as the person whose inclinations were discovered in childhood? By no means it does. 


What do you think?

With hugs,

Marie K.