Random Thoughts As I Start

At this particular moment, as I drink my cup of cappuccino with oat milk, scribbling random thoughts in the notepad, and thinking what the first blog post should be about, I realize that my life this at particular moment split into two parts; before, and the present.

About a year ago I entirely gave up on blogging, Instagram and my presence in Social Media. Such topic, however, deserves separate undivided attention. There was no time I regretted that decision, as my mental, emotional, spiritual health, my time management, and my writing projects improved profoundly. And yet, a couple of weeks ago I caught myself on the desire to return with specific messages I wished to address to readers and return not as I used to present myself before, like a rushing, busy blogger, but as a mindful essayist whose humble writing hopefully would bring inspiration, ideas and hopes to each of you.

That was before.

As I started working on recovering the blog, creating a list of new ideas, the world seemed to disappear in the midst of the virus that affected not only the weakest but all of us. I can not express how much my heart aches because of the trials we face, yet I believe in the living God and know that every sunrise and every breath we take is under his control. Again, it is the topic for another blog post. Now I only hope such short words will bring if not a constant peace, yet some relief.

That is the present.

In this present, I look at the topics I collected for the future essays, and murmur questions if I will ever have to use them. No one knows, but we ought to live day-by-day, doing what is right. Therefore, I’ve decided to hold on to the topics, and slowly but surely publish them. I have a background and years of experience working in the fashion industry, and now, still finding joy in working with clothes, I also found I have a lot to say about the industry, about the clothes we wear and the mental and ecological impact it has. Thus, in this blog, you can expect to read thoughts on minimalism, mindful wardrobe (which is not that easy to build as everyone brags about), some life thoughts, and travelling notes if travelling will happen shortly.