One Unrestrained Island: Poetry In Motion

I've always had, even before I saw a sea for the first time in my life, loved the aesthetic, the adventurous appearance, the hidden treasures of an ocean. Admitting, I was a very susceptible child, and depending on a book or a film, I made sure to live it through in my imagination. Thus, imagining, becoming the main character of all the stories I’ve read, the sea occupied my heart much earlier than before we were officially introduced to each other. After our European holidays failed, we planned, and I consider the ability to go there a blessing, a road trip to Vancouver Island. I expected much; I received even more from the scenery that awoke feelings I forgot about long ago. Therefore, while those feelings of amazement are still alive, I thought of a short series of posts with a general impression, packing list ideas and finally, the itinerary of ten days on the coast.


The island astonished and concurred my whole being. My imagination simply obeyed and could only hope to grasp all the beauty that surrounded it. The place is unrestrained. I had an intrusive feeling that it was as if the island generously was allowing people to live there, as long as harmony with nature, that lush greenery and the wild ocean is treasured. Everything there lives in a rejoiced harmony. Supposedly, I observe as a tourist, I know no insides of life on the island, and my vision gladly noticed only advantages, charms that were generously offered even on rainy days. Yet, my heart fully open to new experiences noticed much more than I expected to see at first. Each day was truly a new day; and as a child, not fully ready, yet fully open to grasp, I swam in the ocean, jumped from the cliffs, hiked, observed and quietly signed, and loudly exclaimed from the surrounding beauty. I’ve noticed greenery, and it was as if the green colour appeared to me in its full vibrance for the first time. I’ve listened to the deepest sounds of the ocean on a rainy day-roaring, fearful, and on the day when it shimmered under the sunlight-pleasing, comforting. 

Another rather undeniable feeling was that if I had been there before. It was as if my heart clothed in a white silk dress already lived in those enchanted forests, and slept so soundly under the blanket of moss. As if I already watched the first yellow maple leaf falling, and wandered near the ocean and sat on the crooked trees. As if I drank out of bellflowers and slept on the bed of ferns. It was as if I already knew each stone, log and creature. My heart ached for remembering the days when it lived clothed in white silk near the water, between the trees, unrestrained, naive, curious and adventurous.


With hugs,

Marie K.


P.S. I promise the next few posts of the series will include much more helpful information rather than a description of my musings about the beauty of the island.