Achieving Mindful Style

There is a golden spider web in the air. There is a fragrant of a freshly planted rose. My bare feet touch the wood floor of the terrace, and a humongous straw hat covers half of my face. It is the hour before the sunset. It is the time when quarantine restrictions are almost over, at least in Alberta. Thus, I find it is the ideal time to scribble a note about mindful style, and how to achieve such starting right now. Frankly, in the present circumstances, it is the perfect time to start with reinventing, reconsidering, and restyling clothes that already exist in one's wardrobe. 

The restriction to change clothes, in a habitual to me manner, was one of the concerns I faced when minimalism as a lifestyle appeared attractive. That time I still worked at the fashion house. I witnessed the process of production, the unending process of selling and designing, the process that in some way was almost vulgar. That time the heart of mine split into two parts. One side of it was willing to eat oatmeal every day to save money for another designer piece. Meanwhile, another part of me observing mindless consuming, and sometimes dishonest unethical apparel production turned into an advocate of minimalism. I am certain, one seeks minimalism as an answer only after experiencing the sickness of over-consuming and materialism chasing. 


Starting from the very bottom of the definition of mindfulness is a condition where one is fully active in the present with body and mind, lives in the moment, and responds to current experiences. It is the healthiest state one can be in, observing each day with love, gratitude and peace. It is, however, the state one must practice daily. How and when the same definition of the word 'mindful' started associating with style and with the way we shop. I dare suggest it started happening when tired of a constant consuming, of full wardrobes, but nothing to wear, people searched for the solution. The solution was always there. I dare suggest it started happening when tired of a constant consuming, of full wardrobes, but nothing to wear, people searched for the solution.' Mindfulness during shopping prevents flash desired purchases, thus helps to weigh and truly express oneself through details, quality and uniqueness. And as such attitude starts with wardrobe and style in general, soon its influence would appear in more serious life choices, bringing only positive results. 


Even though the first intention when considering switching to a mindful style could be shopping sustainable brands after the quarantine or even hasty online shopping I would suggest starting with defining staple pieces, reorganizing the wardrobe, building outfits with already existing garments and making lists of necessary purchases to make the style completed. At this point, the group of people wishing to have the wardrobe full of pieces that are higher quality, and that work together, split into two groups. The first group wishes to create a timeless wardrobe. The second group even avoids thinking that there would be a ban on changing apparel each season. No matter which group you belong to, there is space for mindfulness in both. As was mentioned earlier mindfulness includes observing current body shape and lifestyle from a realistic point of view. Thus no matter if your style calls for elegant simple lines, natural colours that will serve its purpose in your wardrobe for years, or if it asks for more eclectic touches in garments that later would be resold or donated, all those pieces need to be picked with consideration of the production process, how they would serve in your life, how well they fit your body, and how often they would be used. Shortly, they all shall be mindfully chosen pieces. 

I started paying close attention to my purchases of clothes or home details, food options, and even the company of people as I was becoming older. Mindfulness of style that includes not only clothes didn't start with my first job in the fashion industry, yet it was something that trigged me. Seeing the industry from the inside was a seed that later turned into a desire for researching and reinventing the way I shopped and lived. During the last few years, I found myself no longer wishing to collect piles of cheap, poorly made trendy garments. I followed the desire to dive into examining each intention of my heart, asking questions, mindfully observing the details. Even though the improvement is the process I work on daily, I find satisfaction with my style, and in the bigger picture with myself. 

There can be no mindful style until one decides he or she is in need of change. Even though changes might start with style, it is not all about garments only. Mindful actions, be it in choosing a pair of pants or making a life-changing decision, require observation and attention to detail. After all, if one seeks to have a mindfully picked wardrobe, I dare say that the actual desire is much deeper. There is a desire to have a mindful life in general. After chasing the dust of fast and cheap, of unreasonable and unnecessary one finds the need to start it all over with reconsidering, and slowing down. Most of the time, it starts with routine and clothing. After the first step is completed, one must remember that mindful living is a daily process, no matter in shopping, chores or work tasks. I can not say enough about how mindful presence in the most straightforward task is necessary and challenging to achieve. It's a shame, but most of the time one's mind is occupied with the past that cannot be changed, with the uncertainty of the future that suggests no control over it, with the next task to fulfill, with plans that failed, or even with a random image of the last grocery shopping trip.  Alas! How often one has to force the flow of thoughts to become present, and thus be peaceful throughout the whole day that offers many pleasant and not activities. I find, and it puzzles me, that the more present I am during one chore that at the moment requires my attention, the more pleasure I find in it. 

It takes effort to be present, to be fully in the process with mind, body and soul, yet it pays off with the feeling of satisfaction of somewhat a great achievement.