Healthy Working From Home Routine

I have many exciting (at least to myself) topics to write about which I hope will bring up some organization to my thoughts and will be useful to my fellow readers. Subjects of my interest and future chatting include style, mindful living, minimalism, and wardrobe tips. However, while the whole world is on pause, I felt those topics could wait until I talk of something more critical than listed ideas. After the quarantine started in the middle of March I kept telling myself that nothing significant changed in my case. I kept waking up in the morning. I kept committing to my writing routine. I stayed loyal to reading, exercising, and working on the articles from my home office. The only difference quarantine made in my life I no longer had to drive to the city centre to work in the clothing boutique. Someone mentioned once, "I had no clue my lifestyle was called 'a quarantine.'" Thus, that was my case. Surrounded by the comfort of my home, I invested so much love, attention and experimenting into I had to reasons to consider this period as forced isolation. My house, full of books, plants, candles and comforting textures, had always been a place I am glad to come back after a trip or a casual workday. How full of enthusiasm I was, full of plans to study, to have more time for experimenting with different styles of writing and different recipes of lemon loaves! The quarantine also seems appealing as the right time to finally organize and prepare the house for spring and summer months. I decided from the beginning that no hour shall be wasted, no task shall be left unfulfilled, and the time shall be used in the most productive way possible.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, or not my enthusiasm lost it thrive the third week of the quarantine. I found myself in the difficulties of waking up, staying along with exercising routine and even writing that used to be my escape in times of uncertainties lost its allure. Devastating news kept gathering around the Internet, and there was no other way to escape them but to throw my attention into more projects. Therefore while my energy level was dropping because of the distance of the city, inability to get outside and simply enjoy a cup of coffee in a cafe, because of severe virus changes that spread faster and faster with every hour, I decided to lift up the dropping energy with more work. That was quite an imprudent mistake! I lost even more strength trying to grasp as much as possible, so I would not have a second to update the news line. By the end of the week, I had no more desire to stay on the productive side of the population but to hide, pleading my husband to wake me up when the whole madness is over. 
That condition could do no benefits to my soul, mind and body as I found myself eating chocolate, chips and ice cream in amounts I would not allow myself when life was simpler and more stable. My mind was distracted all the time, and all attempts to bring it back to the healthy thinking failed until I recollected myself and commanded to return to the strict disciplined routine where things I could not control did not matter. Something I could control had a chance to improve, however. Thus, there it started. At the beginning of the fourth week, I returned to the original plan of healthy habits and found myself by the end of the week in much happier spirits than I was the week before. 
That week when I slipped, brought me to a few undeniable yet so underestimated conclusions. 


While the last two days had been the most hectic with time on the phone and attempt to solve some paper issues, a healthy routine I set at the beginning of the quarantine helped me to stay sane and cheerful at least for the most of the day. As soon as my dear husband would bring me a cup of coffee to bed, I would force myself to wake up, which would be precisely seven in the morning. I suppose I proved to myself that waking up at the same time every day contributes to fulfilling daily tasks on time and in a satisfying quality. I can not express how helpful that first quiet hour of the day for keeping me productive throughout the rest of it. I spend that hour in bed reading, writing a diary, thinking, and starring at the window; simple pleasures that indeed have the power to inspire. From there, I want to get to the first point, and such is self-discipline is the key to a healthy working from home routine. There had been studies that the development of a new habit takes about twenty and one days. I confess it took me less than that for one specific reason; I enjoyed the whole process of creating a routine, disciplining myself on waking up, reading, energizing along with coffee and sunrise, and finally seeing positive outcomes and affect of such morning repetitive actions to the further tasks I proceeded with. 


It had been challenging for all of us to plan days ahead, to plan life after all, as we are locked along with uncertainties of the future. However, I found two things that help, when used together, to stay productive, whatever it is you do working from home or only waiting for the outcome of the pandemic. Yet, as we talk about a healthy routine for productive work from home, I must keep my focus right there. Two main things that I find mutually help each other are these: savouring the process and scheduling the process. See, as I plan the day, only one day, and stick to the tasks that could include a short walk, working, an indulgence of hobbies, cooking and conversations, my sole responsibility is to look as far as the present and enjoy all the present can offer. Such a position allows the mind to stay focused, hands busy, and heart cheerful while counting pleasure and blessings of a slow time of isolation. I find it rather fascinating how the occupied schedule I create for myself spares stress further away from me. The more productive I keep myself, the calmer, energized I find myself. The secret I suppose is in the realization of my control on writing those sentences, and I take full responsibility and pleasure in it. As I can not control my ruined plans for travelling, I merely switch my focus to something I can. Simplicity is the key, not only in a style of dressing up. 


The talk on productivity that takes away focus from negative events and puts the focus of events that can be controlled brings me to another significant benefit of the unexpected quarantine's arrival. Such is the ability for self-improvement. Here, I do not want to be a fanatic who creates business in one day and teaches all over the Internet how to earn six-figure income while in quarantine. I simply mean improvement in the work field, in the area of another interest that intrigued you as a child. I find a lot of delight in studying art, literature, and improving my writing skills. If only we would dig deeper into questions that interest us, with extra effort for exploring the inner subject, educating the mind, soon the whole process would not only show great results but would bring a somewhat of a beautiful addiction to knowledge and slow studying.

Speaking of a slow matter, I wish to finish this post with the last advice, and it is to slow down through every single chore. It is a contradiction, but the slower I walk while enjoying a small park near my house, the slower I read savouring words, the more details that surprise me reveal themselves. The same applies to work. The more time and effort I put into work tasks, the better they turn out. Comparable to the time I was rushing through them, the quality lacked, and the necessity to finish a project was more of annoyance but enjoyment.
With these words, which I hope inspired you to fill your days with amusing healthy tasks, I shall return to my duties. 

With hugs,


Marie K.