Glossa to Emily Dickinson's "It's all I have to bring today"

It’s all I have to bring today—

This, and my heart beside—
This, and my heart, and all the fields—
And all the meadows wide—

E. Dickinson 


In a full acceptance of fate and seasons

When trees are blooming in May,

I bowed my head for no reason,

It's all I have to bring today.


When fierce and barbarous winter

Stands and waits for spring aside,

I bring my faith like exhausted spinster,

This, and my heart beside. 


Dilemma's forgotten, and pain is forbidden

My whole is in blossoming shield.

I bring that was hidden 

This. And my heart, and all the fields. 


Do ask me where wind I befriended

Where cloudless sky reply.

My whole there transcended.

And all the meadows wide.


February, 2021